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Stair & Patio Replacement & Repair Ideas

A fresh new patio or driveway is one of the most affordable ways too spruce up your home. Bring new life to your home without tearing down walls or fighting over commercial city building permits.

Whether resurfacing your backyard walkway worn with age, touching up an outdoor asphalt/concrete crack in your driveway, repairing your front steps after a long winter, or picking the perfect patio material for the exterior of your home, the satisfaction of a fresh start often far outweighs the costs for hiring a local handyman.

  • Should I hire a concrete contractor near me or do it myself?
  • How much does driveway resurfacing cost?
  • Can you do concrete leveling?
  • Where are concrete contractor near me?
  • Can old concrete be sealed or refinished?
  • How fast can you fix concrete steps?
  • What does concrete sealing mean?
  • Franklin Lakes driveway contractor near me?

Franklin Lakes Concrete Crack Repair & Driveway Resurfacing we’re here to answer all these questions and more.

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As a family-owned business here in the Bergen County area for more than two decades, our promise is simple:

To get your resurfacing or crack repair job done …

On Time

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To your satisfaction – GUARANTEED  

Concrete Repair and Resurfacing


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Driveway Repair Near Me

Below are just a few of the concrete services we offer.

For a complete list of services offered by our professional CONCRETE contractors here in the Bergen County area, visit our services page.


Resurfacing your walkway, stairs, or driveway is an affordable way to completely transform your entire backyard. Whether paving an asphalt driveway or repairing a walkway or front step. When providing a decorative flooring space, the prep work will make the greatest impact on how your project turns out. Which is why we don’t skimp on a single step. We’ll start by laying out & excavating the surface, removing any debris before placing the mesh… and all before we ever pour any concrete or pave any decorative designs to completely transform your entire home!


Whether you’re looking to make your home feel more bright and airy…simply freshen up the space.. or totally change the vibe when you invite friends over to share a bottle of wine by the fire… new basement & garage floors can change any room. During your free home estimate we’ll define the look and feel you’re going for, and happily suggest the products and projects to get your dream installation.


Countertops and floors can take a beating, especially if you’ve got little ones running through the house (fur babies included). Our pavers can help breathe new life into your kitchen, or bathroom. A tedious process, but once that gives us great satisfaction because fresh decorative concrete can make a room pop. And if you’re looking for a completely new look with your countertops… looking to go more modern, or perhaps take things contemporary… we can do that too. From demo, to install, to finding, let us help with the accent to each room in your home, its satin & seal.


If you’ve lived in Franklin Lakes New Jersey for any length of time, as we have it, it’s no surprise that the elements can rake a toll on the exterior of your home, including your walkway and steps. Winter storms, summer heat waves, and those concrete cracks, can not only affect the aesthetics of your driveway, walkway, & steps … but can actually reduce its value. Good news is, with proper pavers, sealer and stain, we can bring new life into your old surfaces. And of you’ve got a newer home, extend the life of your new pool deck, and floor. 

If you are looking for additional services like a roofing contractor in Carrollton Ga, we work with many other local contractors to fulfill all your needs.


Much like your outdoor patio and driveway, the pavement and design of most homes here in Franklin Lakes New Jersey take a beating throughout the year. Depending on the quality of the job done, and the products used, we should be resurfacing the outdoor of our homes every 3-5 years. At Franklin Lakes Concrete Crack Repair & Replacement, we use only the highest quality materials to withstand the seasonal shifts we see here in the high street. 

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Because no two projects are alike, our team likes to get into the space and get clear on what’s most important to you.

Every project starts with a Free House Estimate with our Project Manager.

They will spend as much (or as little) time as needed to get all your

Questions answered, snap a couple of photos and put together a plan that achieves your vision and goals at the correct cost for this project. This meeting helps both define the scope of work for your concrete repair project. But also gives you a sense of what it will be like to work with our team.

Best practices for our concrete experts, project managers, & contract specialists are simple. 

  1. Do great work
  2. Be great to work with

After this initial home estimate meeting, you should have a clear picture of both.

Second, we’ll provide a guaranteed price quote, relaying what we heard you say and exact work to be completed and the cost of hiring our contractors to complete your project. There’s no obligation to book, but we offer some of the most competitive rates in Bergen County, and with our current promotion, we would find it hard-pressed to be beat on price.

Once you’ve agreed to the quote, we ask that you pay a deposit of 50% to schedule your job. We work around your preferred job done quickly but more importantly, to get the job done well.

After our team completes the job, our Project Manager will return to complete a walk through with you personally. Any touch ups will then be completed (if applicable) before we officially call the job complete and collect find payment. 

Although Franklin Lakes is growing, it’s still a small town and most of our business comes from personal referrals. In fact, you were likely referred to us by a friend or former client. So after we finish your concrete remodel project, we’ll likely ask for a referral or two. There’s no better thank you for a family owned business. 



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